Citywall at Halls and Walls 2022 exhibition

In November of 2022, Citywall took part yet again in one of the biggest exhibitions in climbing industry; Halls and Walls (Vertical Pro), in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

We presented our brands:

  • Citywall; climbing walls and all related structures
  • Citymat; safety matting
  • Illusion; climbing macros and volumes
  • Woodplastix; OEM production

Sustainable in what we do

Sustainability was a huge part of our presentation at this year’s Vertical Pro.

We wanted to prove a point, that sustainability, quality and durability CAN go hand in hand with another.  And we did just that, by building a two-storey booth, using only wood subconstruction, as we do for the majority of our climbing walls projects.

And if you didn’t know, here is an interesting fact and one of the main reasons, why we prefer using wood in as many elements of our climbing walls as possible.
“Substructure made from galvanized steel PRODUCE an average of 3300kg of CO2 emissions for 100m2 of walls? On the other hand, Citywall’ s wood-based climbing walls STORE an average of 1800kg of CO2 for 100m2 of walls.”




At Vertical Pro, we also presented two new Illusion collections, for the first time, to public;  Illusion Butterfly collection and Illusion Manta Collection, which you can fing over at Climbing Gym Heaven. 


Manta collection of wood volumes was made to be stacked on top pf another, as smaller volumes are made to fit on top of volumes of a bigger size. Volumes are available in 90 ° and 60 ° angles, while sizes range fom 75 cm to 145 cm.


Butterfly collection of wood volumes provides a unique topography to the wall. They can be used in pairs, on their own or placed close together to create opportunities for crack climbing. Butterfly volumes are available in 10 different shapes, varying in size from 117 cm to 143 cm.


As every other year, we took this year’s exhibition as an opportunity to upgrade relationship with our business partners, establish new contacts, expand distribution channels and see what others companies in the climbing industry are up to.