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The Beta boulder

The Beta boulder climbing center in Copenhagen was built with great attention to details. The arrangement of the climbing gym gives the climbers enough space to feel safe and secure while keeping a sense of social connection. The specialty of the climbing gym is surface dual texture. The black painted part of the climbing wall has no texture, while the transparent part is sanded. This arrangement gives the climbing center aesthetical value and additional functionality. A climbing center with a soul.

Boulder scena

The climbing center build in the capital city Ljubljana is the biggest bouldering facility in Slovenia. It is designed for all types of climbers, from kids, beginners, intermediate climbers but is also perfect for professionals. The national team often use it for training, one part of the wall is symmetrical, so that competitions and simulations can be organized with greater efficiency. One of the specialties in this climbing center is the use of transparent surfaces, which adds a feeling of warmth to the climbing gym.

Boulderwelt Dortmund

This large bouldering facility in Dortmund spreads over 2000 square meters of surface. The climbing wall is technically and design-wise refined with the latest innovations in the sport. The traditional technical climbing on vertical parts of the gym is connected with the modern parkour and powerful climbing, that takes place on various overhanging wall sections. The climbing center includes a great number of innovative and boldly shaped structures, including a globe that hovers above the matt surface, and provides an unique climbing experience.

Tele Aviv Vking climbing gym

The massive climbing center in Tromso, is one of the largest climbing facilities not only in Norway but in this part of Europe. The combined climbing wall suffice spreads over 2 200 square meters, but the space still has an open and fresh feel to it. The climbing center offers all kinds of climbing, from bouldering, lead climbing, speed climbing and top rope climbing on auto belays. Off course a climbing section for kids is also included in this climbing paradise, build in 2018. We are proud to be a part of the Tromso climbing history.

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