Sales agents and distributors wanted

Sales agents and distributors wanted

We are a global company. We are currently present in over 40 countries and continue to grow, spread and develop around the world. Our goal is to put up a climbing wall in every country in the world and we want you to help us achieve this goal.

We are looking for sales agents and distributors, who are familiar with the climbing market, with climbing products and are keen to spread the climbing sport and our products. If you are familiar with the individual stages of projecting, have knowledge of climbing wall design and if you have any connections with the existing climbing centers, hold brands or any other climbing associated brands, this is a big plus. Also, we are especially looking for partners in USA.

If you want to freely distribute your working hours and be fairly rewarded for your results, if you want a reliable and professional business partner, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to becoming your new business partner!

Citywall team

Voucher for raising digital competencies

Voucher for raising digital competencies

As part of the public call for a “Digital Competence Voucher”, we are training our staff in digital competencies and digitization. The purpose of the operation is to provide adequate knowledge of employees and management personnel in key areas of digitization, which will increase our competitiveness, added value and the Revenues from sales.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

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Development of smart climbing surface IQ PRO

Development of smart climbing surface IQ PRO

Purpose: Development of the smart climbing surface of IQPRO

Aim: To create a climbing surface with optimum adhesion, high wear resistance, minimal abrasiveness and features that minimize the appearance of stains and which enables quick and easy cleaning.


More information on cohesion policy in Slovenia on the following link:

Cofinancing of individual exhibition on the international fair HALLS&WALLS 2019

Cofinancing of individual exhibition on the international fair HALLS&WALLS 2019

Purpose and goal of operation: Cofinancing of individual exhibition on the international fair HALLS&WALLS 2019

For the third time, Halls & Walls took place on 22 and 23 November 2019 in Nuremberg. The industry meeting place for indoor climbing has meanwhile developed into the largest relevant trade fair – and continues to grow significantly: Compared to the previous year, 25 percent more exhibitors from 23 nations were represented and occupied an exhibition space one-and-a-half times larger than the year before. The number of visitors also increased by more than 50 percent.


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Project Dortmund

Fiberglass climbing walls

Fiberglass climbing walls

Why fiberglass climbing walls?

To properly answer this question, we need to go back a bit. Rock climbing undoubtedly stems from nature, from climbing on real rock, more precisely from mountaineering. Alpinists trained for the hardest mountaineering expeditions by climbing shorter climbs, on natural rock closer to their home. Here they were able to practice extremely difficult movements, sequences and combinations that could not be safely trained during a expedition. The result was that they could easily, or with less effort and consequently with greater safety climb on highland expeditions. To put it bluntly, we could say that because of this, sport climbing was born. Gradually, the difficulty of sport climbing routes increased, and in many cases the biggest problem was concentrated in a single sequence or in several movements. Many times, one extremely difficult move decided, if a climb would be completed successfully. Therefore, the climbers started training on the lower stones – boulders. Here they could repeat these individual moves without first climbing a great number of easier moves, and this approach allowed them to progress extremely fast in strength. The result was an quick progression in difficulty and more and more dedicated individuals dedicated time to bouldering. The problem, however, was the weather. When it rained for several days in a row, it was impossible to maintain form and level of strength, and thus the first artificial climbing walls developed. In most cases it was a few square meters of overhanging wood, with wooden holds.

And in this point the evolution of the climbing walls somehow began to bloom.

The small walls in the various cellars of the super enthusiastic climbers began to grow slowly, and the first larger indoor climbing walls began to develop. The wooden boulder and lead climbing facilities started to grow in number, but soon the need for climbing walls that resembled nature

walls emerged in the artificial wall market. The wood made it impossible to create cracks, tuffas, scraps and other forms that can be found in nature. Artificial climbing walls that were stationed outside were also exposed to extreme conditions, like rain, snow and ice and this damaged the wooden walls in the long run.

The solution was fiber glass climbing wall. These walls are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which offers incredible durability, impact, damage and abrasion resistance, while making the walls extremely resistant to external factors. Suitable for swimming pools, outdoor climbing walls and for military climbing walls, these walls are as close to real rock as it gets. They are also an very interesting addition to an climbing center, since climbing on such surface is more three dimensional and more varied. You can always find additional cracks, bulges or edges to help you continue your climb.

In summary, climbing has evolved from nature, but has than distanced it selves from it in the evolution of climbing walls. Fiberglass products are as close to real rock as it gets and are bringing climbing on artificial walls back to the roots.



The Infinity collection is unique.

Not because of the years of climbing experience that helped our developers create a perfect texture that is not too rough on the skin, but at the same time offers perfect friction. It is unique, but not because of the passion for climbing and enthusiasm over movement, that inspired our developers to constantly create new ideas in concepts.

The Infinity line is unique, but not because of the variety of shapes, that can provide a challenge for beginners, recreational and professional climbers. Not because of its original geometric shapes, carefully planned angles and edges, its durability and quality.

The Infinity line is unique because of the option to combine shapes with each other. All Infinity line products are interconnected in some way, since the measures on at least one side of the shapes are equally long. The options for creating different shapes by connecting the pieces are infinite, so let your imagination flow!